Lower our High Property Taxes

Residents in Manassas Park pay the highest property taxes of any city in Northern Virginia.  We must reduce our property tax in order to relieve the tax burden and put that in money back into the pockets of residents.  To do this we must:

  • Enhance economic development which will increase sales taxes and shift the tax burden away from property taxes.
  • Promote small business development and reduce barriers that might hinder the growth and development of small businesses.
  • Cut waste and redundancies to city programs by auditing and reviewing programs to ensure they are reaching their intended audiences and producing positive and quantifiable positive results. Funding should be data driven.
Increase Funding to our Public Schools

Our schools are our future!  We must increase the funding to our public school system to ensure we are competitive to surrounding jurisdictions in teacher pay, classroom materials, and supplies, and that our classroom are safe and encourage learning, exploration, and growth.

Enhance and Maintain Our City Infrastructure

We must ensure that our beautiful parks and pathways are maintained to allow maximum utilization by our residents.  Making sure our streets and roads are pot-hole free and maintained on a consistent and thought out replacement plan.  Good streets and roads will also encourage folks to patronize our shops and businesses.